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Why Choose Spectrum

OUR PURPOSE at Spectrum Fitness Consulting is to make you feel better, look better, and perform to your optimal potential so you can live the life you want.

When I speak nationally, locally, or to people in the clinic and gym, I consistently hear about common health and fitness obstacles:

  • Injuries, pain, and disease
  • Not knowing what to do because of the myths, misinformation, and conflicting information
  • Time! Hectic lives and chaotic schedules
  • Motivation, a lack of direction, support and accountability.

At Spectrum Fitness Consulting, we understand these limitations, and have a proven system for addressing these issues to give you the results you want.

Our amazing client results and testimonials prove the effectiveness and value of our services. At Spectrum Fitness Consulting, our coaches have achieved unparalleled education in the fields of fitness, nutrition, and physical therapy. More importantly, we put our heart and soul into helping anyone that asks for our help.

Most fitness solutions try to fit you into a program. At Spectrum, we fit a program to you. This comes from assessing your comprehensive needs, crafting a plan, and teaching you how to implement it.

This unique process was born from science, raised by real world application, and refined by compassion and constant learning.

As the premier source for providing life changing health and fitness results, Spectrum Fitness Consulting is the only comprehensive solution to help reach your goals.

Spectrum Fitness Consulting provides:

  • Expertise:

The education and background of the professionals at Spectrum Fitness Consulting is unparalleled. Our trainers include Doctors of Physical Therapy, fellowship trained therapists, Athletic trainers, board certified nutritionists, and have the highest certifications in the fitness industry such as the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) distinction. We have worked with pediatric to geriatric clients, the obese to the extreme athlete, and those with disease, injuries, and a multitude of health conditions.

  • Comprehensive Solutions:

Most approaches focus on one element of health. However, we focus on fitness, nutrition, recovery, and injury/pain management, which serve as the foundations of optimal health.

  • Results:

The transformations we see our client achieve, in terms of fat loss, muscle gain, performance enhancement, and pain reduction are profound. Our results speak for themselves. These are real clients who trained right here with the experts at Spectrum Fitness Consulting.

  • Perspective:

We know our clients often have severe time constraints, family and work obligations, painful conditions, aggressive goals, perhaps a long history of failures, food issues, or the highest standards for optimal function. We know the obstacles, desires, and challenges our clients face, because we often face them too, and so do our family and friends. This is a perspective due to our diverse experience in the clinic, in the gym, and in the real world. This perspective allows us to design the best programs in the real world, not just in the vacuum of a gym where most trainers dwell.

  • Personality:

Compassion, caring, and a sense of humor typifies the common personality of all the professionals at Spectrum Fitness Consulting! Clients at Spectrum Fitness Consulting know that we care, we listen, we will drive them to get results, and they will even laugh a lot when they work with us!

  • Passion:

We are driven to exceed our client expectations. We absolutely love helping people improve their health, and are constantly educating ourselves by reading research, refining our skills, and collaborating with multiple health and fitness professionals to help you optimize your health and fitness.

  • Individualization:

Many fitness and nutrition programs fail because they are not tailored to the individual. We assess our clients, because if you are not assessing, you are guessing! Our assessments allow for the best program design and provide the accountability crucial to achieving optimal results for any one, regardless of the needs and goals.

  • Accountability:

Nothing worth working for is ever achieved without accountability. And we know there is nothing more important than your health. We focus on very unique methods to provide this critical element that is so often ignored.

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