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The Magic Cure And A Rant On Preventative Medicine

The Magic Cure and a Rant on Preventative Medicine

Imagine if scientists discovered a cure for the most common causes of death, disease, disability, and pain. This cure would greatly improve the quality of your life, make you look and feel younger, and help you perform various daily tasks with easy. It would relieve the financial health care burdens that plague the U.S. economy. It would also make you smarter, enhance your mood, improve your sex life, and increase your productivity at work.

The cure I’m referring to does exist. It has been discovered, and research validates its effects.

What would you be willing to do to attain this cure? How far would you travel, how long would you research it, and how much would you pay for it?

Here’s the catch. You can’t see it, and it requires time, persistence, and hard work to realize its benefits.

The cure I’m referring to is proper exercise and nutrition.

No one argues that proper exercise and nutrition are essential for proper health. The problem is that there is greater demand for learning how to fix the consequences that are largely the result of neglecting principles of proper exercise and nutrition, as opposed to preventing the consequences in the first place. Even so, in many cases the treatment and prevention is the same thing when it comes to the role of exercise and nutrition in optimal health.

But what people want or prefer doesn’t change the basic laws of human physiology that dictate optimal health. The fact remains that finding cures to many diseases with a reactionary approach is an uphill battle at best.

No one can fully explain how and why all diseases seek their victims, but we can all agree that known strategies of prevention should at the very least be regarded as a strong player in our efforts to cure diseases.

So the question isn’t whether exercise and proper nutrition should be a primary effort to address our health concerns, but rather; what really is “proper exercise and nutrition”, who delivers it, and at what dose?

That is the question I am charged with answering on a daily basis. I’ve been committed to studying the science, reading the research, and I’ve applied it to myself, clients, and patients with great success. I’m proud to serve as a resource responsible for prescribing perhaps the most efficacious intervention available for healthy living.

Putting professionals in the medical community in charge of addressing this issue has not worked in the past, and continues to fail today. They do not study exercise and nutrition, administer and supervise this intervention, or measure the effects of these interventions. In medical terms, they are not experts in the subject matter, nor in the prescription, supervision, dosing, response measurement, and research in the fields of exercise and nutrition. They have far too much information and skills to be concerned with in the realm of medicine, surgery, and pathology to consider mastering the vast fields of exercise and nutrition as well. It is simply unfair to expect them to do so.

Fitness professionals have not fared well either. How else can you explain the boom of the fitness industry over the last few decades and the concurrent rapid demise of the health of the US population? Odd how the industry devoted to getting people healthier is growing, yet people simply are getting less healthy. There are many reasons why I think this is the case, but the main reason is that fitness professionals mostly aim to work with people who are already somewhat fit (like preaching to the choir) and have limited knowledge of how to apply the principles of fitness and nutrition to the full spectrum of the population, like those with medical conditions, extreme time constraints, injuries, extreme fitness capabilities (the elite and the morbidly deconditioned). This makes up a huge segment of the population.

That is exactly why we’ve built our team at Spectrum Fitness Consulting the way we have: Experts in the critical fields of exercise and nutrition, both in the academic and application sense; Experts in managing and preventing injuries, as well as working with those with medical conditions due to our experience in Physical Therapy; And experts in nutrition. Seems like this only makes sense – leave the exercise, rehabilitation, and nutrition stuff to the experts, and don’t be surprised when those who aren’t experts don’t get the job done.

Here is another question you should ponder: Given that you realize all of the many benefits of proper exercise and nutrition, what prevents you from exercising and eating right? Really think about it. You may be tempted to say “I’m lazy”, or “I’m not motivated” but in most cases I don’t that’s true, and rather it is a cop-out. Go deeper. Usually it is because you don’t know what to do, you don’t feel like you have the time, you are afraid you will get hurt, you don’t want to go to a gym, you don’t want to give up drinking beers with your buddies and going out for pizza, etc. These are real obstacles that most people come across, and they are excited to hear that there are proven solutions that makes sense.

Answering this question will take you one step closer to improving your health and fitness. This answer will tell you exactly what you need to do to solve your fitness problem. Once you’ve figured out your answer, let us help!

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