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Spectrum Fitness Consulting offers a state-of-the-art Athlete Development Program that is expertly designed to each athletes unique needs. Our professional team of certified trainers design each program to include nutrition education, injury prevention, and the proper teaching of exercise to increase performance.

At Spectrum Fitness Consulting, we are experts at designing the right program according to an athlete’s unique needs. This requires expertise in assessment, as well as recognizing common faults that lead to injury and sub optimal performance. Furthermore, we teach proper movement patterns that facilitate more efficient movement.


When an athlete is moving efficiently, joints are properly positioned and muscles poised to optimally perform. This allows the expression of maximum speed, agility, and power…unleashing our true performance potential and facilitating our key defense against injury.

An athlete who moves properly, while training with the correct program and practicing sound nutrition and recovery is an injury free, healthy, and high performance athlete. This is a concept strongly fostered by the Athlete Development Program at Spectrum Fitness Consulting.

And as the Athlete is working hard and improving their athletic performance, they'll see endless benefits that include:

  • Learning fundamental leadership skills
  • Improved coordination and motor skills
  • Greater concentration
  • Increased confidence in their abilities
  • Gain an appreciation for lifelong health and fitness

Spectrum Fitness Consulting has a proprietary system applied by experts who are committed to helping young athletes. Individualized program design and proper teaching of exercises is best done by experts in fitness and physical therapy, with athletes in small groups or one-to-one.

Small Group ADP

Our small group programs consist of 3-4 athletes/group. Our summer session is 10 weeks long, and our Fall and Winter/Spring sessions are 12 weeks long. Athletes have the option to sign up for 2 day or 3-day/per week training programs.


One-to-One Training

Some athletes prefer to train one-to-one for closer supervision, and more elaborate program design. Nothing is worse than the disappointment of a debilitating injury, especially if it is preventable, like many ACL ruptures, little league shoulder, knee dysfunctions, recurrent ankle sprains, and low back disorders. And wasted potential due to poor training can ruin a young athlete’s experience with sports. At Spectrum Fitness Consulting, we are committed to helping you avoid these pitfalls and get the most out of your athletic opportunities. Contact Spectrum Fitness Consulting today to increase athletic performance and minimize injury risk!



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