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Spectrum Fitness Consulting offers the highest quality Corporate Wellness Programs. Including weight management, stress management, disease management, nutritional education, and other imperative components of healthy living and working, Spectrum Fitness Consulting’s Corporate Wellness Programs are like no other.

  • The facts about corporate wellness are clear. The burdens of health care costs for businesses are sky rocketing. Unhealthy employees are more expensive and less productive. And wellness programs are proven to address these issues, yielding a positive ROI for businesses.
  • But positive ROIs are only possible with the right wellness programs. That means high participation rates, low strain on your HR staff, and produce results in reducing major risk factors linked to illness.
  • That is where Spectrum fitness Consulting’s Corporate wellness services excel. We are Doctor of Physical Therapy, Expert fitness coaches, and Board Certified Nutritionists. We are not administrators, but rather expert clinicians who know what it takes to assess, incentivize, instruct, and achieve results that provide what your company needs: reduced costs and happy, productive employees.

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