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Beginner Young Guns Seminar Classes Enrolling In January

Spectrum Fitness Consulting offers an effective, high quality “Young Guns” Shoulder and Elbow Injury Prevention Program.

Dr. Michael Stare created this comprehensive program to address the factors associated with athlete’s high injury risk.

These seminars provide parents, coaches, and athletes with specific information and exercises that athletes can utilize to reduce injury and improve performance.

Adolescent baseball pitchers are at risk for serious elbow and shoulder pathology!

A recent study reports that 50% of adolescent baseball players complain of shoulder and elbow pain. And the incidence of serious injuries is rising. Surgeons are reporting a five to six-fold increase in reconstructive surgeries being performed on youth pitchers.

Serious injuries, serious consequences.

Injuries affecting the shoulder and elbow mostly involve the developing growth plates, which do not fuse until 16 years old at the elbow and 20 years old at the shoulder. In addition to pain and restriction from participating in the game they love, these injuries can affect them later on.

Why are youth pitchers at risk?

The inherently high stress encountered in pitching results in excessive strain upon developing bones, making the growth plates susceptible to injury. Numerous factors, such as the number and type of pitches, pitching technique, inadequate rest between pitching sessions, not recognizing the signs of injury, and poor conditioning are all factors identified as contributors to shoulder and elbow injury.

What can be done to prevent these injuries?

Fortunately, many of the above factors can be addressed through proper education of parents, coaches and athletes in combination with the skillful application of safe and effective conditioning strategies. Specific recommendations of appropriate pitch counts and pitch types have been established. Furthermore, characteristics of efficient pitching mechanics have been identified and conditioning programs developed to prevent these injuries and improve performance.

How can Spectrum Fitness Consulting help, and who can train these athletes?

The physical therapists and fitness experts at Spectrum Fitness Consulting are eager to share their experience and the research regarding elbow and shoulder injury in adolescent pitchers. Dr. Michael Stare has developed a comprehensive program, the Young Guns Shoulder and Elbow Injury Prevention Program to address the factors associated with high injury risk.

Dr. Michael Stare is available for seminars to provide parents, coaches, and athletes with specific information and exercises that athletes can utilize to reduce injury and improve performance.

Seminars are 3 hours in duration, and include a lecture detailing causes of injury with specific recommendations regarding pitch type, pitch counts, and frequency of pitching. Furthermore, pitching mechanics and specific conditioning exercises will be thoroughly described, demonstrated, and practiced.

Finally, participants will learn how to recognize warning signs of injury and the proper steps for early management of injuries before they escalate to severe problems.

Participants will leave with an excellent understanding of how to easily incorporate findings from the latest research, proper pitching mechanics, and conditioning strategies to reduce the likelihood of devastating injuries to young baseball players.

Don’t let your athlete become another statistic!

Research and experience clearly indicate that we can significantly reduce shoulder and elbow injuries in these young athletes. We are sitting on a gold-mine of information, and are eager to share the solutions to painful and career ending arm injuries that are becoming too common in young athletes.

Click The Picture Above to read Dr. Stare’s interview by professional baseball trainer, Eric Cressey, on shoulder and elbow injury prevention for young athletes.

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The Young Guns Conditioning Program is part of our Athlete Development Program.

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